Fadel Mirani: We will not choose a useless figure for the presidency

Erbil-ALsharqiya October 19: Kurdistan Democratic Party Secretary Fadel Mirani said that the presidency of the republic is a Kurdish entitlement that will not be relinquished. Mirani stressed during a joint press conference with the Communist Party in the region that the Democratic Party will make efforts to nominate a suitable Kurdish figure for the presidency, and will not place a useless person for this position. Mirani expected that negotiations between the political blocs to form the next government would be prolonged. Mirani said that the region's president will hold a meeting of all Kurdish parties in order to unify their position before heading to Baghdad and holding talks on forming a government.


The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces in Iraq directed

The head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Masoud Barzani,

The head of the Taqaddam Alliance, Muhammad al-Halbousi, and