Facebook launches news content platform

USA-ALSHARQIYA June 30: Facebook launched the "Politin" news content platform, which is a standalone forum for free and paid articles and podcasts with the aim of competing with "Sabstack".

The company's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the launch of the platform, in a voice chat room on Facebook, noting that it will be broadcast live on the "Politin.com" website, and he presented some of the writers that the company contracted with.

Also, Facebook is launching the platform with a number of prominent personalities and writers, such as sports broadcaster Erin Andrews, author Malcolm Gladwell and Tan France, star of the reality TV show "Queer Eye".

The company said articles and podcasts will also be available on its NewsDisk and NewsDesk services.

It also clarified that the new platform, Bulletin, will be on a separate website to enable content creators to create their own audience in ways that do not rely solely on the Facebook platform.

It added that it would initially only work with US content creators. However, she mentioned that the Bulletin website will be available worldwide and that she is looking to add more international names after the development of the platform.

In the same context, Facebook indicated that it will not deduct part of the profits of content makers "Politin" upon its launch, and that makers can choose their own subscription prices.

It is noteworthy that Facebook is seeking to compete in the fast-growing e-mail newsletter service, with journalists and writers leaving their major media companies during the past year to provide content of their own.

In contrast, self-publishing platform Substack is a leader in helping writers sell email subscriptions, attracting journalists with upfront payments. It also competes with other technology companies in this field, such as Twitter, which acquired the Revo news platform.

Last April, Facebook announced that it would pay $5 million to attract local freelance journalists to write for its new publishing platform.


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