Facebook fights hatred and racism

Washington-ALsharqiya June 8: The Facebook platform has decided to close more than 200 accounts linked to the broadcasting of racism and hatred. Facebook indicated, according to Engadget, the specialized technical website, that these decisions are part of measures to fight the platform for attempts to spread hatred and racism. Most of the accounts that were closed on Facebook were linked to hate and racist groups, which helped bomb the recent protests in America, because of their posts against black people and African and Asian origins in America. And she explained that those accounts had been removed, after she realized that they were planning to stoke tensions in light of the anti-racist protests sweeping the United States. The efforts of those accounts not only expressed racist views, but rather sought to mobilize members to attend protests (and reinforce confrontations with demonstrators against racism), but sometimes they were preparing to go with weapons, according to Facebook counterterrorism director Brian Fishman. The American company has strengthened its efforts to combat hate in recent months, including banning more groups and implementing technologies that use artificial intelligence to discover hate speech.


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