Erdogan spokesman celebrates Ozil joining Fener Bahçe Al Turki

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA   January 17: Signs of the imminent transfer of German Mesut Ozil to the Turkish football club Fener Bahja from Arsenal have strengthened.
Ibrahim Kalan, a spokesman for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, wrote on Twitter today, Sunday, directing his speech to the Turkish-born player, "Welcome to your home in your homeland," in a comment by those who said on two tweets by Fanar Bahja and Ozil, released on Saturday evening.
Fanar Bahja had written a passage from the song of pop singer Tarkan, sung by Turkish football fans in the stadiums, saying "Come and be happy together", referring to the meaning of the word Masoud in Turkish.

Ozil responded to the club's tweet with two hearts and an hourglass, and the tweet was interpreted, and Masoud's response to it was close to the transfer of the player who won the German national team at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil to Fanar Bahja.
According to Turkish media reports, Ozil plans to travel to Istanbul on Sunday.
The Athletic portal reported yesterday that Ozil, 32, had agreed in principle to an early termination of his contract with Arsenal, ending a trip that began in 2013.


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