Electoral Commission: complete counting and manual counting of quarantined stations

Baghdad-ALsharqiya, October 16: The Elections Commission in Iraq announced today, Saturday, the completion of manual counting and sorting of all the total blocked stations, amounting to 3681. The Adviser to the Prime Minister for Elections Affairs Abdul-Hussein Al-Hindawi said that the Commission has completed the manual counting and sorting in all the quarantined electoral stations and that the results of the counting and sorting Manual is identical to electronic. The Iraqi Electoral Commission had defended its procedures against the objections expressed by political blocs to the results of the legislative elections. In a statement, the Electoral Commission confirmed that it was not responsible for the announced results and the number of bloc seats, and said that the results it announced were preliminary and came based on its commitment to present the results within twenty-four hours of the end of voting. The Electoral Commission said that the announcement included the results obtained electronically, and the results of the counting stations and manual counting at the polling stations, and the matching percentage was one hundred percent.


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A team of engineers from the prestigious American Stanford University

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