Duke wrestling ends a policeman's life in the Philippines

 Philippines-ALSHARQIYA   October  28 : A Filipino policeman was killed during an illegal cockfighting operation after a rooster blade cut an artery in his thigh, an official said Tuesday (October 27, 2020).
Cockfighting is a common bloody sport in the archipelago, where money is wager on the outcome of a deadly fight between two colored roosters equipped with metal blades. The sport was banned, along with other sports and cultural events during the Covid-19 pandemic, to prevent large crowds from gathering and spreading infection.
The frightening incident occurred Monday in North Summer, in the center of the country, when Lieutenant Christian Bullock picked up Dicke while he was gathering evidence of the illegal wrestling.

Provincial Police Commander Colonel Arnel Aboud told AFP that the blade hit Pollock's left thigh and bled to death. "It was an unfortunate accident and a blow of misfortune that I cannot explain," he added. The colonel added, "I could not believe it when I was informed of the accident. This is the first time in 25 years as a policeman that I am lost."
A man because of our cock a wrestler. "
Aboud said that three people were arrested and Deccan was arrested with two groups of blades during the raid, which was conducted in the town of San Jose, where Pollock was the police chief.


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