DONALD TRUMP: Political violence cannot be tolerated

WASHINGTON - ALsharqiya, January 20: US President Donald Trump announced that he was ready to hand over power to a new administration, without mentioning the name of the new president, Joe Biden, reviewing what he described as his achievements during his four-year term, and Trump said - in a farewell speech that the administration Al-Jadida will start its work this week and that it must be prayed for its success in preserving the integrity of the United States, stressing that political violence can never be tolerated, referring to the storming of the Capitol building. The outgoing US President Donald Trump ordered the declassification of the FBI investigation file on Russian interference in the 2016 elections. Trump said in his memo that some revisions had been made to the documents in order to allow them to be publicly disclosed, and an investigation led by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller reached a conclusion that confirmed Russia and the Trump campaign did not engage in any conspiracy during the 2016 election period, but he did not refute the allegations about the Russian authorities' attempts to influence the conduct of the presidential and legislative elections in the United States, which Moscow has repeatedly denied.


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