Documentation: The company used the investment license for commercial purposes

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA   June 26 : The fourth document reveals that the investing company has not, since the date of signing the contract, until the issuance of the cancellation decision to carry out any work related to the construction and development project of one of the investment refineries. The documents show that the company did not do anything related to the completion of a project The liquidator and all she has done is set up office caravans only occupied by technical and service workers whose total number does not exceed 5 people, and the percentage of completion in the project remained zero percent and the documents confirmed that the Ministry of Oil recommended the cancellation of the contract with the company because of its delay and clear violation of the terms of the contract And her preoccupation with commercial work without the completion of the refinery project, taking advantage of the investment license issued to it based on the contract, which requires the revocation of this license as well.


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