Documentation: Company workers do not exceed 5 people on site

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  June 26 : The third document of the letter explaining the reasons for the decision to cancel the refinery project contract only one that the company invested and among the obligations that it failed to achieve is the implementation of the financial closure clause, which is one of the most important conditions mentioned in the preconditions clause Included in the contract and stated in the document that the Ministry of Oil directed the investing company and urged it to provide the required financial guarantees, as in 2019 it provided the ministry with a letter that it claimed was issued by the Standard Chartered Bank, in which it indicated providing the required financial guarantees, except that after verification It turned out to be a fake, as one of the signers on it was associated with suspicious e-mails and the other was expelled from the bank mentioned a long time ago


The General Authority of Customs in Iraq directed all its customs centers to expedite the inventory of containers

The Coordinators of the October Uprising demanded the authorities in Iraq to take permission from the Beirut bombing and the evacuation

The Iraqis recall the violent bombings that rocked Saqr Camp, located in the Abu Dashir area