Document: Falsifying the financial guarantee book of the liquidator

Baghdad,-ALSHARQIYA June 26: Technical sources who reviewed the decision to cancel the contract for one investment refinery project confirmed that the investing company exploited its investment license issued to it in mid-January 2015 for commercial purposes and contracts.  The second document of the decision to cancel the investment contract contract within the series of documents issued in a highly classified manner reveals the company's violation of the terms of the contract over the past six years, where the third paragraph of the decision stipulated that the investment license was issued based on the contract signed with The Ministry of Oil in mid-June 2014, which is not allowed to conduct commercial business outside the framework of the contract function,  In addition to the company's commitment to provide a financial guarantee within a period not exceeding one year from the date of the issuance of the investment license, the same sources confirmed that the company was busy with commercial purposes, while the original project, which is the construction of the investment filter that obtained the investment license based on it, did not exceed the percentage of completion of zero percent


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