Diyala holiday: streets free of passers-by and congratulations on social media

Diyala-ALSHARQIYA   1 August : The people of Diyala Governorate did not celebrate Eid Al-Adha as a result of the curfew imposed due to the Corona pandemic .. The streets of the province seemed almost empty in what citizens say they are overwhelmed with the concerns of living and the absence of services .. And the people only exchanged congratulations through communication sites in addition to other methods


The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, and the President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Faik Zeidan, discussed the role of the judiciary and its independence in implementing the law

The head of the Integrity Commission in Iraq, Judge Alaa Al-Saadi, confirmed that the commission is determined to deter transgressors of public funds

The leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Ala Talabani, confirmed that her party supports multiple electoral districts