Diwaniyah protests: the growing public rejection of rotating existing faces

Diwaniyah-ALSHARQIYA  January 14: Diwaniyah demonstrators stepped up the pace of the peaceful movement rejecting attempts to rotate objections rejected by the people and circumvent the legitimate demands of protesters, and protesters stressed the continuation of the strike and to prevent official working hours in government departments and cancel the previous agreement to allow the last days of the week to be a regular day with the exception of Some service and banking circles, for their direct contact with citizens and to prevent confusion in public life in the city. Al-Diwaniyah continues to protest on a daily basis, while students continue to disobey and refrain from attending universities in conjunction with continuing Less government departments


Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi confirmed that he was determined not to

The spokesperson for the Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief, Yahya Rasoul, denied the use of ammunition

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