Dior men's group moves from Beijing into space

BEIJING-ALSHARQIYA   DECEMBER  15 : The Dior menswear collection for Fall 2021 was due to be shown in Beijing, China. However, the global spread of the Corona epidemic and the resulting difficulty in traveling made this matter impossible. So the creative director of menswear at the house, Kim Jones, decided to present his collection virtually in the atmosphere of a vast space that the epidemic had not yet reached.
Dior's collection for the upcoming fall included about 45 looks. The general framework of the hypothetical presentation was dominated by a space atmosphere bearing the signature of the French director Thomas Vans, while the men's costumes were decorated with cartoon characters that were inspired by the works of the painter Kenny Scharf.

In introducing this group, Kim Jones said: "I wanted to use the fun and innovative nature to overcome the gloomy atmosphere that the epidemic is imposing on our world today." Therefore, it was natural that the hypothetical show that presented this group constituted an escape from the tiring atmosphere of the epidemic to a comfortable atmosphere spread by fashion that went to hordes of people who work and communicate with others virtually from their homes.
In addition, Kim Jones has been known for his great interest in elaborate sewing and clear cuts since he took over the duties of the creative management of men's fashion at Dior, but in this group he made sure that the cuts were comfortable with the use of belts for defining the waist

, As well as couture-inspired coats and mink shoes open to the back, reminiscent of those commonly worn indoors.
The pants that appeared in this group were distinguished by their comfortable cuts inspired by military uniforms, while the jackets were distinguished by wide shoulders and wide pockets. We saw models with hairstyles inspired by the looks of cartoon characters that go to boys.
Dior used an embroidery workshop in China to create the drawings of the artist, Kenny, who is close to fashion. Embroidering one of the T-shirts featured in the collection took about 7,000 hours of work over 35 days. The same embroidery technique appeared on the belts, which added fun touches to the men's looks of neutral colors.

Dior replaced the live performance that was scheduled in Beijing with a presentation ceremony for the virtual show in the Chinese city, in the presence of local ambassadors for the house. It also emphasized the fun nature of the accessories by introducing the Dior Saddle Bag in a men's version that adorned Blogo or in fun colors and innovative leather types.


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