Dead crying out in pain

  Kenya-ALSHARQIYA   November  27 : Kenya recently witnessed a strange and perhaps unique incident in the form of the rise of a man whose death was announced, which happened repeatedly. However, this incident of the Kenyan is unique as he got up while a team was working on embalming him in the morgue.
Peter Keegan, 32, died last Tuesday, after being transferred to the Capcate Hospital in Kericho, after losing consciousness at home.
After announcing his death, Keegan was taken to the morgue for a mummification process for his body, but the surprise was that the deceased screamed in pain during an incision in his right leg.
Kenyan media, including the "Standard" newspaper, quoted Keegan's brother as saying that he was suffering from stomach problems, and he was taken to hospital after fainting, where the medical team informed him of his death even before he arrived at the place.

After the morgue workers discovered that Keegan had not died, he was immediately transferred to the intensive care unit to receive the necessary first aid, according to the British newspaper "Daily Mail".
Keegan, who is still receiving treatment in hospital, told the media, "I feel happy to be alive. It was a strange experience," which was described by local media as terrifying.


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