Corona Fiat: An official reveals the burial of a dead body dead a week ago

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  March 25: The families of a number of Corona virus victims in Iraq complained of their inability to bury the bodies of their relatives, despite the fact that more than a week has passed since they were in forensic medicine refrigerators, and at a time when an official at the Iraqi Ministry of Health revealed that the body of a man who had died had not been buried A week ago with the virus ... The Ministry confirms that the mechanism adopted in dealing with the bodies of the victims is based on the directives of the World Health Organization, which ensures its safety and burial in any cemetery was taking health precautions in the traffic, transport and burial


There was a state of anger and resentment among the families of the deceased in Coruna over the situation of the graves

The head of the Parliamentary Human Rights Committee, Arshad Al-Salhi, warned of an imminent famine in Iraq

The Spanish princess, Maria Teresa, died of the Corona virus, becoming the first