Corona casualties in Iraq increased to 86,184

Baghdad-ALSharqiya, July 16: In Iraq, 2,271 new infections were reported in Corona, bringing the total number of infections to 86,148. The Ministry of Health departments also recorded 90 new deaths, bringing the number of deaths to 3,522 and 52 deaths.

Baghdad recorded the largest number of injuries within 24 hours with 664 injuries, followed by Basra with two hundred and fifteen injuries, then Sulaymaniyah with 156 injuries, then Babylon with 179 injuries, then Dhi Qar with 132 injuries, Kirkuk 129 injuries, Wasit 128 injuries, Karbala 118 injuries, Diyala 99 injuries , Najaf 85 injuries, Arbil, 73 injuries, Maysan 69 injuries, Al-Diwaniyah 66 injuries, Salah Al-Din 65 injuries, Al-Muthanna 55 injuries, Nineveh 24 injuries, Anbar 15 injuries and finally Duhok with nine injuries.

 The Ministry of Health registered 1695 new cases of recovery, bringing the number of people recovering from the disease to 54,316 people.


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