Collaboration between Google and the British authorities to amend the privacy of ads

XBritain-ALSHARQIYA June 14 : The Competition and Markets Authority, the UK competition regulator, announced its collaboration with Google in its attempt to re-target users with online advertising.

This comes as Google is trying to phase out the use of third-party cookies to track users and target them with ads.

The company will start using a new set of technologies called the Privacy Sandbox. And Google announced that this is the first time that regulators and technology companies have worked together on new technologies like this.

The collaboration comes in response to the Capital Markets Authority's announcement in January that it would formally investigate Google's proposals to use artificial intelligence to group users together into anonymous groups to target them with ads.

Google's new approach aims to be a more privacy-oriented alternative to tracking cookies, which the company plans to phase out in its Chrome browser over the next year.


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