Clarification from stubbornness: The websites have obtained the permission to prepare ISIS

Baghdad-Sharqia, June 2: The Iraqi Minister of Defense, Juma'a Anad, said that social media has carved out his statement from its general context that ISIS is an extremist Sunni organization and that eighty percent of its fighters are from the western region, and Annad confirmed in a statement that the intent of his statement made during his hosting of the program "The shortest way with Nabil Jassem" on Al Sharqiya News is to transmit the stereotype based on pre-intellectual judgments for the purpose of discussing and treating it, stressing that terrorism expresses a cross-border ideology and the product of extremist thought, and that the sons of Iraq have expressed the rejection of this extremist ideology, in the forefront of which are clans and sons of western regions. Obstinacy that the meaning of the sons of Gharbia is not the sons of Anbar But the sons and clans of all the provinces invaded by ISIS who were hand in hand with the army and security forces in fighting this organization and removed it from the pure Iraqi soil.


Informed sources said that government orders were issued to appoint the Minister of the Interior

The Civil Defense Directorate issued a set of wills and guidelines, amid expectations that it would register

The rates of Corona pandemic in Iraq continued to rise after recording 2334