China builds the world's fastest magnetic train

China-ALSHARQIYA July 20: China unveiled, on Tuesday, what it said is the fastest magnetic train in the world dedicated to transporting passengers, with a speed of about 600 km.

China named the new train "Maglev", and it uses magnetic levitation technology to avoid friction with the railways.

And the passenger seats inside the train seemed as if the seats of business class due to the great luxury adopted in its manufacture.

 The discovery of the new train came in the coastal city of Qingdao, eastern China, where it took off on its first trip, and it will be widely available within 5-10 years.

Through such trains, Beijing seeks to consolidate its leading position in building high-speed trains and railways in the world.

According to China Railways, the new train is the fastest in the world, which represents a great scientific achievement for the country in the field of railway transportation.

The new China News Agency, "Xinhua", considered the new train to be the fastest vehicle on Earth.


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