Chanel concludes 2020 with a display of handcrafted skills

France-ALSHARQIYA   December 11: The Chanel Metiers d’Art show wraps up the most important fashion show of the year, and is usually held in the first week of December to celebrate the handcrafted skills of the artisans involved in the design of the House of Chanel. It is based each time on a specific destination or a specific historical figure that prints the general atmosphere of the fashion group that is presented and the décor that surrounds it. How was this proposal implemented in light of the numerous obstacles imposed by the global spread of the Corona epidemic?
The show, which was held yesterday evening in the absence of the audience and was broadcast on social media, was an occasion that brings together the memory of two queens: Catherine de Madises, who ruled France.

And Gabrielle Chanel, who revolutionized fashion, making her crowned the Queen of Style. Its place was the ancient French Chenonceau Palace, which was built in the Renaissance and formed the residence of Queen Catherine de Madises.
About 50 models participated in the presentation of this show, and more than half of the costumes came in black, which is the only color that Catherine de Madises wore after the death of her husband, King Henry II in 1559. She inherited the rule from him and was the only woman who ruled France for three decades before she came to power. To her three children.
Virginie Viard, Creative Director of Chanel, was inspired by this group from Catherine de Medicis's passion for fashion made of mesh materials, huge dresses,

Feathers, dark capes. It presented modern designs that were adorned with the iconic touches for which Chanel is known, which are represented by the use of tweed, pearls and classic-style jackets.
Gabrielle Chanel was a strong admirer of Queen Catherine de Medicis, and she borrowed this Queen's logo in the form of a double C for turning it into the logo for Chanel. Therefore, it was not surprising that Virginie Viard chose this French queen as an inspiration to display Metiers D'Art in its 19 edition, which was previously launched by the late Karl Lagerfeld in 2002 as a distinctive and unique concept in the fashion world that accompanies the end of the year celebrations and is a tribute to the craftsmen working in the field of embroidery, Crafting shoes, hats, gloves, lace, and feathers all complement Chanel's looks, making them unique and special.

The show is a tribute to French craftsmanship in the fashion industry. It opens up an ongoing dialogue between the House of Chanel and the artisans who work for the dozens of suppliers belonging to the Paraffection Group, founded and supervised by Chanel, which has around 6,600 people who contribute to fashion innovation. Many French and international fashion houses benefit from the skills of this group, and it is scheduled to open a headquarters for it next year, with 600 craftsmen and extending over 25,500 square meters in northern Paris, in order to preserve these skills that make up all the teams in the high-end sewing industry in Paris. And around the world.


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