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A number of citizens in Babylon donated sterilization of the displaced areas, at their own costs.

: An Iraqi woman who was infected with the Corona virus during her stay in Iran recounted how she dealt with the virus and the stages of treatment she entered

American actress and author Alexandra Wentworth, known as

Zain Iraq Telecom Company has announced free internet packages for its subscribers to secure communication and internet services for all citizens with the aim of continuing to communicate with each other under exceptional circumstances,

Activists in Salah al-Din have devised new ways to publicize the threat of the spread of the Corona epidemic

Caesar, the Arab singer, Iraqi star Kazem El-Saher, sent a voice message

Babil volunteers launched an initiative to support the security forces in implementing the curfew by providing the necessities to stay on the streets

Voluntary youth teams in Diyala have been tasked with sterilizing thousands of homes and stores and combing the narrow streets of Balad Rose

Zain Iraq continues to launch awareness programs and packages urging all customers to stay at home

Activists in Baghdad launched a campaign (crisis and encroachment) to urge shop owners and commercial complexes to drop rental charges

The police and Asayish divisions in Erbil and Sulaymaniyah share the community effort by distributing food and in-kind assistance to the displaced in the streets

Thousands of people interacted in Iraq and the world with the initiative launched by the Al-Sharqiya channel on the platform "Stay home" and spoke across Al-Sharqiya

The People’s Talk program has documented the recovery of the youngest child infected with coronavirus in Iraq

A young man in Babylon challenged the spread of the Corona epidemic in the province by insisting on holding his wedding on time without delay.

More than 80 volunteer teams in Anbar continue to provide material and in-kind support to needy families in cooperation with tribal elders.

Zain Iraq Telecom Services announced that it will extend the free life of the lines to all subscribers for a period of 14 days

Activists continue to actively promote the "Stay Home" campaign for the second week

Volunteer tailors in Babylon continue to manufacture over 6,000 masks daily

The inhabitants of the Kurdistan region are facing isolation and housekeeping in the Italian way, by singing

House-locked Italians continue to try to boost morale by chanting the national anthem and songs

The famous American University of Harvard announced yesterday, Tuesday, the transfer of its students to the system of virtual education, "distance education", against the backdrop of the outbreak of the Corona virus, emerging.

Volunteers in Salah al-Din launched an initiative to produce and distribute masks, free of charge, from a workshop

Twitter has asked employees around the world to work from their homes in an effort to stem the outbreak of the Corona virus

Precautionary measures to prevent corona caused most prices for most goods in Mosul

Fine artist Yada Al-Obaidi said that the graffiti of streets and squares in the October Uprising

Citizens in Basra say that the coverage provided by the Zain Iraq network in remote areas and districts has boosted demand for the company

The great Iraqi writer Alia Mamdouh, the author of the Tanki novel, entered the last round

Iraqi artist Kazem El-Saher sent a message of support and support to the demonstrators in Iraq

Zain Iraq announced the opening of a new customer service center in the city of Hilla, in Babylon

Activists in Mosul launched an initiative - Joyful Alley - to color the streets most affected by the war on terror

The South Korean movie "Parasite" made a new history at the Academy Awards after winning the Best Film award at the award ceremony

American actor Joaquin Phoenix won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in the movie "The Joker" for the first time in his artistic career.

Activist Ahmed Al Wishah confirmed that continuing to ignore the political class of the Tishreen uprising and bloodshed

Demonstrators in Al-Haboubi Square organized a charity bazaar for handicrafts, all of which were entirely dedicated to the families of the martyrs

Zain Iraq announced the opening of a customer service center in Sadr City with its new location

Zain Iraq Telecom launched the first educational and entertainment platform known as "iot kids" targeting the children segment

Saad Al-Bazzaz awarded the great Iraqi artist Yas Khidr the creativity golden necklace in honor of his artistic career for more than five decades

Shows, seminars and activities of the Arab Theater Festival began in its twelfth session in Jordan, with the participation of about 400 theaters

Demonstration arenas in Baghdad and several governorates have turned into museums where Iraqis can take pictures

The protesters held in the Education Square in Karbala an exhibition of books to spread culture and awareness

In Dhi Qar, it was announced that the process of smuggling antiquities and seizing an old and rare version of the Torah was thwarted

US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he has not yet purchased a birthday gift for First Lady Melania

A group of demonstrators issued a daily paper called Tiktik to transfer the events of Tahrir Square

Egypt announced on Saturday a new archaeological discovery in Luxor

The President of the Republic Barham Saleh renewed his call to hold those responsible for the attack on demonstrators and security forces

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abi Ahmed on Friday won the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize f

The Iraqi Ministry of Communications announced Wednesday that the Internet service

Iraqi national security adviser Faleh al-Fayyad threatened retribution for those who wanted to harm Iraq

After her father lost his life four months ago with cancer

Bomb in a letter '.. Thus a man avenged his ex-wife

Bomb in a letter '.. Thus a man avenged his ex-wife

A young man escapes from his engagement ceremony and takes a dessert with him

After a historic journey astronaut Hazza Mansouri on his way to Earth

The death of Iraqi theater director Sami Abdul Hamid

Abdel - Wahab al - Saadi: referring to the insult insult I will not accept and prison lesser

The International Space Station celebrates the accession of Mansouri

A lady quits her job to look for her lost dog

Samurai's book summarizes the 13 years of the age of the modern parties program

An Iraqi child dies after being vaccinated at a health center