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A woman believed to be the oldest working nurse in the United

Two Syrian brown bears were transported to the United States on Sunday

A huge mouse caused chaos and panic during a session in

The Yappy pet company in Britain has announced a job that

A woman stole a diamond worth 4.2 million pounds from a luxury

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi intervened in the

The torrential rains caused by rain in the Budaiya Center in

A rare event occurred on the coast of the US state of Oregon

Astronomers have discovered 4 new exoplanets about 130

The girl published her story on one of the girls' groups on the social

The great Iraqi artist Kazem Al-Saher mourned the victims

Dubai opened the deepest diving pool in the world

A severe heat wave in the American West has raised temperatures

It was announced in Denmark that the tallest sand

With the help of traffic police, Indonesia presented a unique example of

Shanghai is preparing, on July 18, to inaugurate the planetarium

The American, Joey Chestnut, ate 76 hot dogs

Britain's health data revealed that the most common symptoms of the Coronavirus, have changed

y 2: The World Meteorological Organization confirmed

The Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, published a

A man threatened to detonate an explosive device in a restaurant in

The media and cultural circles in Iraq recalled today the launch of Radio Baghdad and the start of its official broadcast

It seems that Japan, those islands that have reached

Former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld

A girl in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh canceled her wedding

An Iraqi force managed to arrest a gang of antiquities

Al-Zaman newspaper celebrates the 24th anniversary of the publication of the first issue in 1997, after it entered strongly

An American who owns a small tour company has gained

Rats in the Australian state of New South Wales forced

The Egyptian governorate of Assiut witnessed a strange sight of

The world celebrates on the twenty-first of June of each

US President Joe Biden announced that Champ,

An influential video clip was circulated on social media

The Iraqi and Arab literary circles mourned the great poet Maya’a Abbas Emara on the death of ninety-two

A bear infiltrated a military base in Sapporo,

The cultural and literary circles in Iraq mourned today,

British media revealed the detection of a rare predatory Egyptian vulture

The Acting Minister of Justice, Mrs. Hasna Ben Slimane,

The divorce took place between Queen Elizabeth II's eldest grandson

The price of a houseplant that was sold in New

Years ago, his life and his family topped the news

The Tampa Zoo in Lowry Park in Florida, USA, announced the birth

Bloggers on social media circulated pictures of the Iraq Monument rising again by the Iraqi artist

American media reported that a lobster fisherman miraculously

The Parliamentary Culture Committee in Iraq mourned, on

Thanks to social media, an American woman managed

The Washington National Cathedral rang its bells 600 times

Israel announced a ban on the sale of fur for fashion purposes,

A South African woman gave birth to 10 twins at once, breaking

Britain plans to ban the sale of halogen lamps from September, and then

A zoo on the outskirts of the southern Indian city of Chennai reported

The Iraqi Bar Association honored the editor-in-chief of Al-Zaman newspaper

In southwest China, paleontologists have discovered an almost