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At a time when the world was fighting the Corona virus pandemic, Ari Nagel

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, at the age of 95, "politely but firmly" refused

High school students in the Czech Republic helped a stork to walk

The Zagazig Criminal Court in the Eastern Province punished a legal official

Doctors in the Turkish state of Diyarbakir extracted 40 bodies, which are

During this period, 41-year-old Eric Smith, the "little minor", is preparing

Three Chinese astronauts, including a woman, have arrived at the Chinese Space Station to continue construction on a mission

On the tenth night of the second Saudi Falcons Club auction, the third falcon

The sky of Dubai was decorated with a giant plane bearing the slogan of

Palestinian Salah al-Kahlout, from Jabalia refugee camp in the northern

A wild boar tried to break into a local supermarket in Petersburg. After several

A rare two-headed turtle is still alive and moves its six legs, after it

The people of Sin El Fil area in Mount Lebanon Governorate were surprised, on

A family home in Fort McMurray, north of the Canadian province of Alberta

Francesca Celsa dos Santos, the oldest person in the South American country and

Danish police confiscated a Lamborghini after its Iraqi-born driver was arrested

An American discovered a new type of diamond that changes

A blogger said that a selfie could kill you, save you, or help you fight

Yesterday, Wednesday, an Egyptian citizen appeared on one of the

An American fortune-teller demands a large financial compensation,

American scientist David Julius and his compatriot of Lebanese descent, Arderm Patbutian, won the Nobel Prize

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan posted a tweet attached to

The American Susan Fitton (64 years old) got lucky after she

A sea fisherman always does not believe that he found ambergris, first because

Dubai has hosted the largest global event since the outbreak of the

The Royal Commission for Al-Ula Governorate in Saudi Arabia announced on Wednesday

The lava spewed by the erupting volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma

A US judge announced on Monday that he will grant "unconditional release

The pest control unit in Britain revealed that giant rats are invading British

Press reports in the United States said that an American man was missing

In a strange incident, a number of people managed to rescue a small puppy

93-year-old Vasili Gorgos returns home 30 years after he dis

In an attempt to attract investors wishing to buy rough natural diamonds

The Guinness Book of Records announced that two Japanese sisters have been approved

UNESCO announced that Iraq will recover on Thursday an archaeological

A spokeswoman for the Nature Conservancy in South Africa said:

A factory specializing in the manufacture of bear toys in Coburg, Germany

Four American tourists completed a spaceflight aboard a SpaceX capsule

Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Britain, recently expressed her rejection of Prince

It knocked again in the old Mosul, and its voices were heard throughout the city

British media reported, Thursday, the death of British inventor Clive Sinclair

The St. Tammany County Sheriff's Office in the US state of Louisiana

A pair of 17th century eyeglasses is expected to fetch millions of dollars

In order not to be with his mother-in-law, a resident of the Italian city of

The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities inaugurated the southern tomb

A Libyan citizen found the remains of a semi-complete skeleton

Local residents documented that a pond in the Dead Sea in Jordan had

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) implemented the latest advanced air transport campaigns

A Saudi woman topped the trend in Saudi Arabia after she appeared in a video

An American citizen won a million dollars in the lottery on the same day

In order to avoid work, a consultant cooperating with the Swedish tax

The Italian newspaper "Mirror" revealed that Italian sailors found

Activists on social media in Kuwait circulated a video of a public auction in the

A doctor in Kosovo revealed that he had extracted a mobile phone from

The Russian cartoon series "Masha and the Bear" continues its global

As the most expensive "gear" falcon in the world, an Ultra White Garmousha falcon

An Argentine photographer captured with a flying camera a rare clip of

The Duke of Cambridge, British Prince William personally intervened to help the family

A treasure consisting of 239 pieces of gold from the reigns of the French

The Norwegian police said today, Friday, that they had seized a large

A resident of Russia tried to poison cockroaches that bothered him

A new and unique type of futuristic bathroom (toilets) is installed in

French police announced the arrest of a 35-year-old man in the eastern city

A funeral agency in Ukraine announced on its Facebook page its plans

The Antwerp Zoo, in Belgium, prevented one of its regular visitors from

Researchers have uncovered a human strain known since

The Iraqi Artists Syndicate mourned the great musician Fathallah Ahmed Saleh, who passed away at the age of

German police are investigating an incident in which a tiger attacked

The Osim area in Giza Governorate in Egypt witnessed a strange incident

A British family got a "Hollywood surprise" in the garden of their home in the

The pioneers of social networking sites in Iraq shared a video clip

Igor Vovkovinsky, the tallest man in the United States, died in Minnesota

August 23 : Military chefs from Russia, Belarus, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and