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Activists with special needs in Anbar launched a major campaign to equip hospitals and families with more than a thousand muzzles daily

Egyptian artist Rajaa El-Gedawy died today Sunday, from being infected with the Coronavirus at the age of 82

On Friday, Mosul announced the death of the last giant of Arabic calligraphy, and the sheikh of the Iraqi calligrapher, the Mosulian calligrapher, Yusuf Dhanoun Al-Nuaimi.

Sheikh Sven is looking in Erbil to transform his home into a museum that is the only one of its kind in the world specialized in collecting matchboxes

The call to prayer sounded in the historic al-Nuri Grand Mosque in Mosul

The body of the Iraqi writer and journalist Ramzi Sofia was buried Wednesday in Casablanca after his death after a long suffering with a terminal illness.

In Baghdad, the death of Iraqi nuclear scientist Professor Maysar Yahya al-Mallah was announced

Those in charge of the "Harj market" in Kirkuk are trying to maintain one of the oldest and most important retail markets in the province

The body of the Iraqi writer and critic Razzaq Ibrahim Hassan arrived in Iraq on a special plane that took him from Istanbul, Turkey

The death of the Egyptian artist, Hassan Hosni, was lost at the age of 89

Saad Al-Bazzaz, a hero in the White Army, Shahd Al-Maawary, awarded the ideal woman necklace

The Egyptian artist Rajaa Jadawi was infected with the Corona virus two days later

Caesar, the Arab singing artist, Kazem Al-Saher, congratulated the Iraqi people

The episode of the October Uprising of the series "As Watan died" on Al Sharqiya TV channel, has achieved more than twenty million views on communication sites within 48 hours

Saad Al-Bazzaz decided to give the creativity pendant to the great creators who stand behind the great drama "as a homeland died."

Social media outlets caught on trend - Watan masks - after they cried yesterday's episode

The late princess did not hide her passion in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, which since its first time was a torch of light, while the rest of the world’s capitals were drowning in darkness.

In London, the last princess of the Hashemite Royal Iraqi Family, Princess, was declared dead

The "White Army" program honored a new hero who is affiliated with the Federal Police, "Seif Basem Taher", for his humanitarian role.

Karsta & Work continues its humanitarian project in the construction of houses destroyed by the war machine

Volunteers in Basra undertook to revive the "Al Karaqian" event, which falls on the midnight of Ramadan every year

Al Sharqiya channel honored in its fourth episode of "The Perfect Woman" program ... Umm Imad from Mosul

Media and cultural circles today recalled the launch of Iraq TV as the first

Labor Day this year coincides with the continuation of the Covid 19 pandemic, which affected millions of workers in Iraq and the world because of safety measures.

The spread of the Corona virus around the world and the resulting home ban has prompted some candy makers in Iraq to be creative in designing some forms of sweets.

Al Sharqiya TV channel honored, during the "Ideal Woman" program, Alawiya Mahmoud "Umm Walid" from the Canaan side, in the village of "Hadi Kreif" in Diyala

Social media is now in the cities of Iraq, especially in Basra

Gunmen from ISIS attacked villages in Al-Waleed district in Al-Anbar Governorate, what resulted in

The police forces in Diyala assumed the role of Al-Masharji to wake the fasting people at dawn, after the absence of Ramadan rituals

Zain Iraq announced the granting of free internet packages to students while browsing the educational platforms approved by the Ministry of Education

The program presented by Ali Al-Khaldi with the participation of the medical doctor “Shahd al-Jawari” honored Major Qusai, a civil defense chemist, who was infected with Corona after risking his life during a sterilization

The famous "Karasta wa Amal" program has returned through the Sharkia channel as part of its largest humanitarian project to heal the wounds of the afflicted and the reconstruction of houses destroyed by the war machine

Al-Sharqiyah reveals the secrets and causes of the day after Iftar Baghdad time

The technical colleges and medical institutes in Basra launched a voluntary campaign to supply the brothels and medical centers with missing sterilizers and disinfectants.

(King of Balance) Ibrahim continues to dazzle the people of Dhi Qar and the world by harnessing the rules of physics in the balance of furniture and electrical appliances

Researchers in Salah al-Din are working hard to devise new ways to prevent the spread of the Corona epidemic

In one of the largest TV productions presented by the Al Sharqiya channel group to its audience, Al Sharqiya Mother channel launched its program cycle for the holy month of Ramadan for the year 2020, and as usual, Uber presents

The volunteer teams in Mosul are working on two parallel lines to support efforts to counter Corona,

Optical women launched more than thirty initiatives to help contain the Corona virus

A march led by police cars went to Dr. Saud Anwar's house to thank him for his invention of the breathing method

Iraq lost a residence of the architectural and plastic arts, which is the great architect Rifaat Al-Jadraji, who died in the British capital, London

Iraqi architect and artist Rifaat Al-Jadriji died in the British capital, London

Iraqi women stationed in the education sit-in square in Karbala launched a campaign to produce masks

Popular campaigns and initiatives have been launched to help poor families with food baskets, medicines and sterilization kits

Bloggers in Wasit shared a video of a medical team celebrating the recovery of another HIV-positive person on social media

The police leadership in Karbala adopted the organization of a citizen's wedding in conjunction with curfews

In an accident, the first of its kind, a zoo in New York State, USA, discovered the first case of a tiger virus

The cities of the Kurdistan region are witnessing humanitarian campaigns to deliver aid to the homes of families

The city of Tikrit witnessed a campaign carried out by activists to produce gags, after prices rose and scarcity in the markets

A number of activists in Najaf Governorate continue to provide food baskets to families with daily and affected daily food

Karbala increases aid and aid campaigns by the well-off and the local government to relief families affected by the curfew

Engineering staff in Baghdad are nearing completion of the urgent hospital construction

A number of citizens in Babylon donated sterilization of the displaced areas, at their own costs.

: An Iraqi woman who was infected with the Corona virus during her stay in Iran recounted how she dealt with the virus and the stages of treatment she entered

American actress and author Alexandra Wentworth, known as

Zain Iraq Telecom Company has announced free internet packages for its subscribers to secure communication and internet services for all citizens with the aim of continuing to communicate with each other under exceptional circumstances,

Activists in Salah al-Din have devised new ways to publicize the threat of the spread of the Corona epidemic

Caesar, the Arab singer, Iraqi star Kazem El-Saher, sent a voice message

Babil volunteers launched an initiative to support the security forces in implementing the curfew by providing the necessities to stay on the streets

Voluntary youth teams in Diyala have been tasked with sterilizing thousands of homes and stores and combing the narrow streets of Balad Rose

Zain Iraq continues to launch awareness programs and packages urging all customers to stay at home

Activists in Baghdad launched a campaign (crisis and encroachment) to urge shop owners and commercial complexes to drop rental charges

The police and Asayish divisions in Erbil and Sulaymaniyah share the community effort by distributing food and in-kind assistance to the displaced in the streets

Thousands of people interacted in Iraq and the world with the initiative launched by the Al-Sharqiya channel on the platform "Stay home" and spoke across Al-Sharqiya

The People’s Talk program has documented the recovery of the youngest child infected with coronavirus in Iraq

A young man in Babylon challenged the spread of the Corona epidemic in the province by insisting on holding his wedding on time without delay.

More than 80 volunteer teams in Anbar continue to provide material and in-kind support to needy families in cooperation with tribal elders.

Zain Iraq Telecom Services announced that it will extend the free life of the lines to all subscribers for a period of 14 days

Activists continue to actively promote the "Stay Home" campaign for the second week

Volunteer tailors in Babylon continue to manufacture over 6,000 masks daily

The inhabitants of the Kurdistan region are facing isolation and housekeeping in the Italian way, by singing

House-locked Italians continue to try to boost morale by chanting the national anthem and songs

The famous American University of Harvard announced yesterday, Tuesday, the transfer of its students to the system of virtual education, "distance education", against the backdrop of the outbreak of the Corona virus, emerging.

Volunteers in Salah al-Din launched an initiative to produce and distribute masks, free of charge, from a workshop

Twitter has asked employees around the world to work from their homes in an effort to stem the outbreak of the Corona virus

Precautionary measures to prevent corona caused most prices for most goods in Mosul

Fine artist Yada Al-Obaidi said that the graffiti of streets and squares in the October Uprising

Citizens in Basra say that the coverage provided by the Zain Iraq network in remote areas and districts has boosted demand for the company

The great Iraqi writer Alia Mamdouh, the author of the Tanki novel, entered the last round