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A person was killed and three others were injured Saturday, after a violent clan conflict broke out in southern Maysan Governorate

Several countries around the world recorded record numbers of Corona injuries, after a previous wave of decline, which contributed to raising them

The death toll from the monsoon rains in India has risen to 125, who died in separate accidents

Doctors from the Public Health Agency in England announced the discovery of a new strain of the virus

The head of the Parliamentary Human Rights Committee in Iraq, Arshad Al-Salihi, called on the Ministry of Higher Education to be

The Afghan Ministry of Defense denied that the Taliban claimed control of 90 percent of the Afghan border

Human Rights Watch accused the Iranian authorities of using excessive force against protesters in

Amnesty International has confirmed that Iranian security forces used lethal automatic weapons and rifles to crush demonstrations

The Israeli raids renewed on the areas of central Syria, targeting the Al-Qusayr area in Homs Governorate محافظة

A clan conflict erupted in Al-Akaika district, Dhi Qar Governorate, in the late hours of yesterday night

The Governor of Dhi Qar, Ahmed Al-Khafaji, held the Iraqi Ministry of Health and the Governorate Health Department responsible for the fire

Today, Friday, the Crisis Cell in Nineveh Governorate announced that Al-Shifa Hospital was filled with people infected with the Corona virus

Chaldean bishops and priests in Iraq stressed the need to liberate the partners of the homeland from selfish interests

صدرت النيابة العامة بالسلفادور مذكرة توقيف بحق رئيس البلاد السابق، سانتشس سيرين بتهمة الإثراء غير المشروع

The British Embassy in Baghdad confirmed the commitment of the UK government to stop corrupt individuals, both in Iraq

The United States announced its support for the United Kingdom's decision to impose sanctions on five individuals in

US officials said that the United States and Iraq are expected to formally announce the termination of the US combat mission

The White House announced that the Iraqi government asked Washington to continue logistical support to the international coalition against

An Iraqi delegation in Washington held talks regarding the US military presence in Iraq

The United Nations representative in Iraq, Jenin Plaschaert, confirmed that the United Nations will participate fully in organizing

Western diplomatic sources revealed that the general trend in the strategic dialogue between the United States and Iraq

Iraqi Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein stressed Iraq's need for international coalition forces as long as ISIS

The United States and Iraq held a fourth round of strategic dialogue in Washington, headed by the two foreign ministers

Political sources said that new international sanctions will be imposed on Iraqi figures accused of corruption and violations

The Taliban announced the release of dozens of prisoners

A report published by the British Guardian newspaper indicated

Large fires have swept the western United States in recent days

The death toll from the floods that swept central China rose to 33

The Tunisian Red Crescent announced that at least 17 Bengali

The total number of coronavirus infections around the world

Mobile internet service is disrupted in Iran after a week

Syrian air defenses confronted Israeli missiles targeting military

Morocco announced the resort to the judicial process following the

French President Emmanuel Macron has called for an extraordinary

A member of the Basra Youth Cultural Team, Muslim Al-Aboudi

Civil Defense teams in Iraq rescued guests in a hotel

The Ministry of Health in Kurdistan renewed its warnings in light of the

German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned that the Israeli spyware

The Iraqi and American sides are engaged in a fourth round of

The President of Madagascar, Andre Rajoelina, survived an assassination

A member of the Unified Nineveh Gathering, Muhammad al-Obaidi,

A girl was killed in a massive fire in Ashti camp for displaced people

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi inspects the wounded of the

India recorded 3,998 new deaths from Covid-19, during the

12 people were killed after torrential rain swept through a subway

An Iranian demonstrator was killed today by security forces

Street protests escalated over water shortages in southwestern

The US administration announced the extension of the

The United States renewed its strong commitment to the strategic

The people of Karbala governorate celebrated Eid al-Adha, amid rising

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa Al-Kazemi

The people of Al-Majar Al-Kabir district in the Maysan governorate

ISIS launched an attack on the security forces stationed

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi directed the governors,

The number of deaths due to infection with the Corona virus

The Sulaymaniyah Health Department warned of the rapid

The Baghdad Health Directorate / Al-Rusafa announced

Official data on the Iraqi.iq website showed that more

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi announced the launch of

At least three rockets landed near the Afghan presidential palace in the capital, Kabul

The Israeli army announced that it had launched artillery strikes

His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan and US President Joe Biden

The family of the martyr "Ihab Al-Wazni" in Karbala renewed

The Assistant Director-General of the Department of People's

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, "Antonio

The Ambassador of the European Union to Baghdad "Martin Huth"

The United States of America affirmed its support for Iraq

The researcher in political affairs "Talib Al-Ahmad" said that