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The United States imposed sanctions on companies

The Parliamentary Finance Committee has completed reading 40 articles in

The Representative Finance Committee was formed in the Iraqi parliament

Iraqi Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul Jabbar expected higher prices

The Iraqi Oil Marketing Company "SOMO" has offered 4 million

وصفَ اعضاء في مجلس النواب العراقي الانفاق

The representative of Basra Governorate called Rami Al-Skiny

Brent crude prices jumped to their highest level since

Basra Light crude continued to rise today, Wednesday

Basra deputies submitted a proposal to the Presidency of the House of Representatives

Oil prices rose on Tuesday, on expectations of a decline

In Australia, a major corruption scandal was revealed related to the oil company paying bribes to Iraqi officials from

Deputies for Basra announced their rejection of the 2021 budget bill, describing it as unfair for the province

Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Hoshyar Abdullah, said

Today, Saturday, the Iraqi Council of Representatives will hold a session to begin the first reading of the draft general budget bill

Financial and shipping authorities issued optimistic indicators of an increase in Iraq's oil revenues after recording oil prices

The Iraqi judiciary issued an order to access the name of a former female deputy

A draft document issued by a governorate office was published

The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity confirmed that the Iranian side did not come back

Masoud Haider, special adviser to the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Massoud Barzani, defended Hessa

The Integrity Commission in Iraq warned the weak from exploiting the repercussions of changing the currency exchange for the sake of

Basra MP Hassan Khalati said that the balance

The Iraqi Ministry of Finance issued a set of measures for all ministries and entities not associated with a ministry

The Integrity Commission in Iraq and the vulnerable people warned of

Iran announced reaching agreements with the Iraqi side

The economic expert Ahmed Shabibi was surprised by the inclusion

Basra Governor Asaad Al-Eidani warned of the impact of the policies

The Iraqi Ministry of Finance suspended appointments to permanent staff

Oil rose on Tuesday for the third time in four sessions as risk appetite increased amid expectations

Iraq's fiscal budget for 2021 determined a region’s share

Iraq's fiscal budget for 2021 included imposing a tax

Outgoing US President Donald Trump signed on

Vice President of the Kurdistan government Qubad Talabani renewed commitment

The Iraqi Ministry of Oil announced its intention to increase the capacity of exporting crude oil from 3 million and 500 thousand

The governor of Salah al-Din, Ammar Jabr, announced that many service projects will see the light in the governorate

The International Monetary Fund said the efforts of the Iraqi authorities

The Iraqi Judicial Council announced today, Thursday, that legal measures will be taken against thirteen banks for violations

The Court of Integrity in Baghdad decided to take measures

A number of major markets and commercial complexes in Baghdad closed their doors to shoppers in protest against the high prices

The Integrity Commission in Iraq revealed that it was able to control cases of waste of public money worth 600 million dinars

Farmers cut off the road connecting the governorate with Najaf

Al-Kazemi said that there are those who fear the election results

On Sunday, commercial markets in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities witnessed varying increases in basic commodity prices

The Iraqi Ministry of Oil announced that an agreement had been reached

Dollar exchange rates witnessed a slight decrease against

The exchange rates of the dollar in the markets recorded a new jump in the morning trading on Sunday morning

Economic expert Adnan Farhan said that the paragraphs

The exchange rates of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar recorded gains

On Sunday, the Central Bank of Iraq began applying the new selling price

The Central Bank of Iraq determined the exchange rate of the US dollar in the money market and its auction to sell foreign currency

Iraqi Finance Minister Ali Abdul Amir Allawi announced an increase in the dollar’s exchange rate against the national currency

In light of the serious leakage of the 2021 budget, the committee summoned

The Iraqi Ministry of Finance issued a statement shy about

Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Driss Naji, said

Economic expert Mahmoud Dagher warned that the economy

The exchange rate of the dollar stabilized Friday in Baghdad and the cities of Iraq

The Integrity Commission in Iraq revealed its intervention to prevent the waste of more than forty billion dinars from a suspicious deal

A leaked draft of Iraq’s general budget for 2021 showed the fiscal deficit rose to 58 trillion

The exchange rate of the dollar on the Iraqi stock markets in Baghdad and Erbil jumped to unprecedented levels yesterday

Oil rose to its highest level in nine months Thursday

The Integrity Commission in Iraq moved to stop the billions scandal

The Kurdish negotiating delegation in Baghdad announced the continuation of the talks

The General Secretariat of the Iraqi Council of Ministers revealed

The dollar exchange rate jumped against the dinar in the markets