Catching a shark in Indonesia is like an imaginary alien

Indonesia-ALSHARQIYA  February 25: An Indonesian fisherman seems to have gotten much more than he could have coveted after catching a shark during a trip on his boat, according to a report by The Independent.
Abdullah Noreen, from Bebela village on the island of Root, near West Timor, said he was on a fishing trip with his brother on Saturday night when they discovered a pregnant shark in his nets.
The local "FIFA" channel quoted the 48-year-old man as saying: "The next day I cut the belly of the mother shark and found three small sharks."
But while two of the baby sharks looked alike to their mother, the third fish appeared with a "strange human" face. The features of the little fish's face in the published photos appear somewhat similar to the human face.

Noreen reportedly said that his family helped him preserve the unusual-looking shark and that his house "was crowded with people who wanted to see it."
While some of his neighbors had offered to buy it, he did not accept it. "I think this shark will bring me good luck," he said.
Dr. David Shiffman, a research scientist at the Marine Stewardship Board and Arizona State University, said that it is unlikely that this shark is a new species, but that the human features on its face may be the result of a congenital defect known as "cyclopia".


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