Budairi reference enforces the sanctity of the endowment-sharing agreement

Najaf - ALsharqiya, November 21: The Iraqi religious authority in Najaf, Sheikh Fadhil Al-Badiri, issued a fatwa prohibiting the so-called agreement to share religious endowments, prohibiting approval and the necessity of canceling it, warning that this agreement is a pretext for wasting rights and creating discord and sectarian strife. Al-Badiri said in a statement that out of the legal responsibility, the agreement to share endowments between the Sunni and Shiite endowments is categorically rejected, especially after it was rejected by senior religious scholars and scholars of the Sunnis. The reference Al-Badiri stressed that this agreement is contrary to the Sharia provisions that stipulate that dividing the revenues must be based on the condition of the endowment, his purpose and his doctrine only, calling on the government to merge the two endowments as a start to end the tearing apart of Iraq and the dispersal of its social fabric.


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