Broad solidarity with the families of the martyr of Al-Tayran Square, Ali Al-Rikabi, the tea seller

Baghdad-ALsharqiya, January 23: Bloggers widely circulated expressions of condemnation and solidarity with the families of the martyr Ali al-Rikabi, the tea seller who was martyred in the twin explosion that rocked Tayaran Square in central Baghdad, leaving more than 140 martyrs and injured. Bloggers on social media published pictures of the young man, Ali, after his death in Tayaran Square, through which they expressed their anger and sadness at the martyrdom of simple civilians who go out in search of a livelihood, trying to overcome poverty, unemployment and bad conditions. And one blogger wrote a tweet in which he said, In Iraq only the tea seller and the bale seller die so that the seller of homeland and honor can live, while another tweeted, saying, What sin does it kill those who go out in the early morning hours for their blue A number of activists shared the tragedies caused by the bombing of the criminal aviation yard, including the story of the tea seller who was martyred with his livelihood in his hand, at a time when demands are mounting to secure densely populated areas in anticipation of any terrorist operations.


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