British Ambassador: Iraq lacks security and stability due to attacks

Baghdad-ALSharqiya, July 4: The UK's ambassador to Baghdad, Stephen Hickey, said that Iraq lacks security and stability because of attacks targeting foreign interests and coalition forces.

Ambassador Heikki stressed in a special interview within the game of chairs, that stability and security are essential factors for investment, but it is regrettable that Iraq currently lacks these two workers despite the investment opportunities it enjoys.

British Ambassador Stephen Hickey stressed that there is no alternative to reducing tension between the United States and Iran, because the continuation of this escalation would be a disaster for the stability of Iraq.

Hickey said in the game of chairs, that the United Kingdom plays a role in order to reach a diplomatic solution to the escalation between Washington and Tehran because this will reflect positively on the stability of the situation in Iraq.

The UK's ambassador to Baghdad, Stephen Hickey, expressed his regret for not showing the results of the investigations into the killings and excessive violence that demonstrators have been subjected to in Iraq since the October protests.

Heikki said that the previous government headed by Adel Abdel-Mahdi promised to conduct transparent investigations, but it did not disclose the results of those investigations and did not hold or prosecute any of those accused of crimes committed against peaceful demonstrators.


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