Bloggers: Successive governments have not secured energy

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  July 10 : Social networking sites are furious with the blackout in Iraq for long hours, amid high temperatures reaching about half the boiling point.
 Bloggers on social networking sites said that successive governments have ruled Iraq for 17 years, and have been unable to secure the electrical current for citizens, wondering about the fate of billions of dollars spent on the energy file during the past years.
 Activists stress that negligence and corruption have contributed greatly to the deterioration of the reality of electricity, calling at the same time the government to open the file of importing energy and hold accountable the negligent officials


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Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab said that the catastrophe that occurred in Lebanon today, represented by the huge explosion

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi dismissed the director of Iraqi Airways, Ali Mohsen Hashem