Basra Security Forces: Arrested 40 wanted persons in the second phase of Operation Faithful Promise

Basra-ALsharqiya October 20: Security forces in Basra arrested 40 wanted persons in the second phase of Operation Faithful Promise, which aims to pursue outlaws.  The commander of Basra Operations, Major General Akram Saddam, said that the operation resulted in the arrest of 4 wanted persons on charges of possession and drug use, while the charges of the other wanted persons were divided into possession of light and medium weapons and ammunition of various types in the areas of Al-Hayyaniyah and the abuses. 

In Dhi Qar, the police command announced the seizure of large numbers of weapons and ammunition during a security operation for a joint force of national security, intelligence, combating terrorism and organized crime. Security sources said that the operation that targeted weapons shops and a number of cafes where weapons dealers are present in the Souk Al-Shuyoukh district resulted in the seizure of 28 pistols, hundreds of ammunition stores, and cutting machines.


The death toll from the clashes rose to six martyrs and about 100 others. There were clashes

The US Embassy in Baghdad condemned the violence against peaceful demonstrators in Al-Haboubi Square, in the center of Nasiriyah

The head of the Iraqi national project, Jamal Al-Dhari, criticized the silence of the United Nations special envoy