Basra Operations: Clans must stay away from disputes and access to justice

Baghdad-ALSharqiya, July 13: The Basra Operations Command sent a letter to the governorate's clan elders, asking them to stay away from clan disputes, the language of weapons, killing, threats and intimidation.

The Operations Command said in a statement that the current situation in Iraq and Basra in particular does not allow such acts of violence to occupy the security and military forces charged with important and important duties, especially after the high number of cases in the province.

 The statement added that some of the elders, tribal elders and people of some regions have negative attitudes and they did not have a real role in calming and directing to solve tribal disputes, which sparked controversy and the irritability of the visual street.

 The leadership called on all to appeal to the judiciary to be the judge and solution to all criminal cases, including tribal disputes, which negatively affect the management of the security file.


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