Barham Salih: We welcome the Prime Minister's announcement of a date for early elections

Baghdad-ALsharqiya, August 4: The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, welcomed the announcement of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi as a proposed date for early elections. He stressed the importance of international cooperation in conducting them.

And a statement of the President’s office conveyed his assertion that calling for early free and fair elections is considered one of the requirements of the desired political reform, which is a national entitlement that has been produced by the popular movement.

 Saleh called for the completion of the election law as soon as possible and sending it to the Presidency of the Republic for approval, implementation of it, and expediting the approval of the amendment to the Federal Supreme Court Law.

Saleh stressed that if the government presents a proposal to dissolve Parliament, the Presidency of the Republic will agree to submit it to the House of Representatives, for the purpose of submitting it to a vote, and with the Parliament’s decision, we will formally decide a date no later than two months after the dissolution of Parliament, as stipulated in the constitution.

 The President of the Republic said that the political crisis in Iraq cannot be procrastinated, and that the conditions of suffering that our people are going through require a courageous national decision stemming from the people's entitlement, and their right to choose an independent and coherent national government through free and fair elections.


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