Barcelona submits an official protest against Messi's punishment

Spain-ALSHARQIYA   January 20: Barcelona has filed an appeal against the penalty imposed on Lionel Messi, the player of the Catalan team, which was issued by the Competitions Committee of the Spanish Football Association, Tuesday.
The Spanish Federation decided to stop Messi for two matches, after receiving a red card directly on Sunday, against Athletic Bilbao, in the final of the Spanish Super Cup, thus confirming the absence of the Bolga from the Copa del Rey in the Copa del Rey and the meeting with Elche in La Liga.
Barcelona confirmed on its website that it will appeal against Lionel Messi's suspension, as the Catalan club aims to reduce the penalty from two games to one, which will be against Cornia in the King's Cup.

Although the penalty is in favor of Messi and Barcelona, ​​given that the Polga will have enough time to recover from the injury he suffered during the past days, the Catalan club wants to show moral support for its leader at this critical time.
It should be noted that this is the first occasion in which Messi gets a red card with Barcelona, ​​but it is not surprising, given that the Polga has shown a violent face in the past few seasons, which has made him threatened with expulsion in several matches.
It is reported that Barcelona lost in the final of the Spanish Super Cup by three goals to two goals, in a match that was extended to overtime.


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