Bar Association: The attacks are a scheme to prevent the money thief from being prosecuted

Baghdad-ALsharqiya, January 23: The Iraqi Bar Association issued a statement denouncing the crime of the two bombings in Tayaran Square and said that this attack has grave significance through determination and more profound abuse in the scheme to prevent the stability of Iraq, and to build the state and society by confronting the theft of public money and holding elections Early General House of Representatives. The Bar Association has placed the state and its security institutions in front of its national and functional responsibility to enhance the state of security and protect the Iraqis in a way that provides the conditions for political, social and economic work in building Iraq, and to address, by all means and methods, the criminals who kill the people and prosecute them in a way that secures deterrent sanctions against them after their malicious goals are revealed to the whole world.


The Iraqi Ministry of Finance issued a clarification on the proposal of its minister

The Parliamentary Finance Committee responded to the statement of the Ministry of Finance

The Arab Parliament rejected any targeted attempts