Australian law obliges "Google" and "Facebook" to pay compensation to the media

Australia-ALSHARQIYA   February 25: The Australian Parliament passed a law today, Thursday, requiring Google and Facebook to pay local media money in exchange for publishing their content.
The traditional media face significant financial difficulties, while the tech giants receive a large portion of the advertising revenue.
The Australian government said the law would guarantee news organizations "fair compensation for the content they provide, thus helping to keep journalism alive in Australia".
Google will now pay for the news content that appears in its new tool called "Google News Shockers", while Facebook will now pay subscribers registered in its "News" news product, which is supposed to be released in Australia later this year.

A "confrontation" took place between Facebook and the Australian government. After Facebook blocked the publication of links to news articles issued by local or international media in response to the bill, the owner of "Instagram" and "WhatsApp" finally backed down and struck a deal with Canberra.
The Facebook group owned by Mark Zuckerberg has announced that it will invest "at least" $ 1 billion in news content over the next three years.
This new amount, announced by Nick Clegg, a public relations official at Facebook, on Wednesday, adds to the $ 600 million that has been poured into the media since 2018.

Google had previously agreed to pay "large sums" for the content of Rupert Murdoch's media group, "News Corp", which was pushing for the adoption of the new Australian law. Facebook and Google have two more months to conclude other deals that would avoid "binding arbitration."


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