Atomic Energy: Tehran is violating the agreed terms

Tehran-ALsharqiya, September 27: The International Atomic Energy Agency stated that Iran had failed to fully fulfill the terms of an agreement it had signed with it two weeks ago that allows its inspectors to maintain monitoring equipment in Tehran. The agency said in a statement that Director General Rafael Grossi stresses that Iran's decision not to allow the agency to enter the centrifuge component manufacturing workshop in "Karaj" contradicts the agreed terms of the joint statement issued on September 12. On the other hand, Iran's representative to the agency Kazem Gharib said in a statement. Abadi: Grossi's report is inaccurate and goes beyond the terms agreed upon in the joint statement.Abadi said that any decision Iran takes regarding the monitoring devices is based solely on political, not legal, considerations and that the agency cannot and should not consider as one of its entitlements.


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