Asaad Al-Eidani: Basra will not give up its share of electrical energy

Basra-ALSharqiya, July 12: Basra Governor Asaad Al-Eidani confirmed that the province will not give in to any pressure to give up its share of electrical energy.

Al-Eidani said in a statement that the complete interruption was the result of a defect in the Maysan-Kut line, which led to the extinguishing of obstetric stations in the entire southern provinces, except for the Iranian line.

 He added that he told the oil minister during a phone call that there are 700 megawatts out of service and the reason is gas pressure, noting that Basra produces 3000 megawatts and needs 2900 and Nasiriyah produces 600 and needs 1100 megawatts, while architecture produces 488 and needs 700 megawatts, and Samawah does not produce any megawatts but it needs a lot From the electrical current.

 He appealed to the people of the governorate to work to rationalize consumption as much as possible in light of the high temperatures and humidity.


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