Artist Mohamed Henedy surprises his fans and makes a controversial decision

Egypt-ALSHARQIYA  September 20: The Egyptian artist, Mohamed Henedy, announced today, Saturday, his decision to retire from acting and switch to the field of festival songs.
Henedy wrote in a tweet via "Twitter": "I decided this morning an important decision .. I decided to retire from acting and devote myself to my new profession as a popular wedding singer."
The Egyptian artist added: "Anyone who has joy soon will send an email to receive wedding reservations starting at the end of September," calling on his followers not to ridicule this, saying: "And I hope not to make fun of my morning decisions."
Henedy's tweets in this regard caused wide reactions, as the commentators divided the tweets into several opinions, some of whom mocked them, stressing that they come within the framework of Henedy's comic style, while others believed this, asking him to reverse his decision, and there were those who were between Mosaddeq and skeptics.
Henedy is about to finish filming his new movie, “The Jeweler,” as he finishes it completely after two weeks, and he continues filming on a daily basis. comic.


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