Art intertwines fashion in the new menswear "Dior" collection

Paris-ALSHARQIYA  January 24: Dior Men presented its Fall 2021 menswear collection as part of the Paris Fashion Week activities, through a video film of about 10 minutes duration that was broadcast on the platforms approved by the French Federation of Couture and Fashion, and it came to prove that art and fashion The two sides of the same coin.
Kim Jones, creative director of Dior Men's Fashion, has chosen to collaborate with Scottish painter Peter Doig, whose work has listed the highest price in Sotheby's auctions. His collaboration with the prestigious French house was titled "A Bold Celebration of Decisive Emotional Dialogue between Art and Fashion." "It is an exciting experience to convert ideas and dreams into practical colors and shapes," he said on his social media pages.

The result of this dialogue took the form of 45 looks dominated by winter colors such as blue, gray, brown, and black, which were decorated with bright touches, with a remarkable use of warm hues of yellow, orange and red. They are vibrant colors that express the love of life. The costumes were decorated with details that imitate the painter’s brushstrokes, as well as "baroque" embroidery, handcraft and designs that transformed fashion into paintings.
Military-style jackets appear frequently in this group, and were decorated with golden buttons and embroideries, accompanied by coats of neutral or bright colors. Woolen sweaters decorated with prints, hats of various shapes and designs, in addition to belts and high-leg shoes, have also appeared again.

This group of costumes had two slogans: a dog reminiscent of the dog of the late founder Christian Dior, and a lion that appeared repeatedly on the belts and jewelry that adorned the designs of the group. It forms a living link with the past that remains dynamic and vibrant today. It also constitutes a window into history and a direction towards the future, and it comes to remind us of the need to celebrate daily matters in light of these exceptional situations that the epidemic imposed on our lives.


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