Armed robbery on the Embassy of Iraq in the capital Brasilia

BRASILIA, Sept 30 (Alsharqiya) - Three gunmen stormed the Iraqi embassy in the Brazilian capital of Brasilia on Friday evening and stole its untreated treasury in a Hollywood-style robbery, according to a local newspaper. A report by the Brazilian Metropolis newspaper said three gunmen used a vehicle to storm the Iraqi embassy late at night. Friday, adding that the embassy had only one security man before the gunmen confiscated his weapons and documentation and theft of the safe and holdings of the embassy. The report adds that the perpetrators set fire to the vehicle to hide fingerprints affected by films and serials dealing with burglary crimes before fleeing to an unknown destination. Local security sources pointed out that the surveillance cameras are not bad enough to identify the perpetrators while the local security authorities are investigating the incident. Diplomats said that what happened a new setback for Iraqi diplomacy, while the ministry did not take any action to hold the staff involved and to know the reasons for leaving the building without adequate protection. A diplomat, who asked not to be named, said the most serious incident was the theft of secret seals belonging to some government institutions in the treasury, which is more dangerous than theft of money less than $ 100,000 and the issue is not purely financial. The ministry later issued a statement acknowledging the robbery, without giving details of the missing.


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