Apple pays millions to a woman who repairs her phone at a service center

California-ALSHARQIYA  June 8: Apple submitted a settlement of millions of dollars to an iPhone user, after a maintenance center authorized by the company leaked her photos and videos on Facebook, according to the British newspaper, The Guardian.

The British newspaper, "The Telegraph", was the first to report this case, when it talked about a woman (whose name was not mentioned) who sent her iPhone for repair at a maintenance center approved by the company called "Pegatron Technology Service", in January 2016, but was later surprised by publishing pictures And explicit videos of her on her Facebook account.

At the time, the newspaper did not mention the name "Apple", but only indicated that there was a lawsuit in the state of California.

Details of the case were not revealed until recently, when lawyers in an unrelated new case involving Apple and "Pegatron" referred to the previous case in their legal files, saying that the named customer was "obviously Apple", and the company then incurred millions of dollars. As compensation for what happened.


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