Announcing the date of the launch of the "Gulf 25" in Iraq

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  May  14 : The Executive Office of the Arab Gulf Cup Federation renewed the date for the "Gulf 25" tournament, which Iraq had previously granted the right to host in the city of Basra, in the south of the country.
A statement by the Interim Authority of the Iraqi Football Association stated that "the Gulf Cup Federation has set the twenty-fourth of December as the date for the opening of the Gulf Cup 25, which will continue until the seventh of next January."
"AFP quoted the statement:" A supreme organizing committee has been formed for the tournament headed by the Iraqi Minister of Youth and Sports Adnan Darjal, and includes Basra Governor Asaad Al-Eidani as his deputy.
The Executive Office of the Arab Gulf Cup Federation decided at the end of last month to hold the "Gulf 25" championship in Iraq, after the withdrawal of Qatar as an alternative country to host the tournament paved the way for the tournament to be held in Basra.

It is noteworthy that the Gulf Arab 25, according to the established date, will start a week after the conclusion of the Arab Cup in Qatar on the eighteenth of next December.
This is the second time that Iraq will host the championship after the first, when Baghdad hosted the fifth edition in 1979 and won its title at the time.


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