Announcement of the official opening of the port between Iraq and Syria

BAGHDAD, Sept 30 (Alsharqiya) - The Iraqi border authorities announced the opening of Al-Qaim border crossing between Iraq and Syria to trade and travelers. The Commission said in a statement that the President of the Commission Kazem Al-Oqabi officially opened the existing border crossing in the presence of Syrian Interior Minister Mohammed Rahmon and Anbar Governor Ali Farhan in addition to a number of officers and members of the Anbar Provincial Council. Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi has agreed to open the border crossing, which has been closed for years, against the backdrop of ISIS control of the region.


A policeman was killed and at least 200 Lebanese protesters were wounded, according to the association

Angry demonstrators stormed the Lebanese Foreign Ministry building in the Ashrafieh area in the center of the capital

Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab called on the political parties to immediately agree to hold elections