Android devices have problems working in some countries of the world

Russia-ALSHARQIYA June 22 : Downdetector website reported that some Android device users in a number of countries have complained of problems with the work of their phone systems and applications.

According to the site, "the problems appeared to a number of Android users in Russia, the United States, Germany, Britain, Spain and Italy, and users suffered from the emergence of warning messages alerting them that some Google applications in their devices had been broken, and these messages appeared constantly, which made it difficult to use the devices."

The available information indicates that the aforementioned problems appeared in parallel with the emergence of problems in the services of Google electronic accounts, as many users of these services were not able to access their Google accounts, and they also suffered from problems with online search services.

Despite the emergence of some complaints from users, Google has not yet officially commented on the matter.

It should be noted that some users of Android devices had complained of similar problems in the spring of this year as well.


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