An Iraqi child dies after being vaccinated at a health center

BAGHDAD, Sept 24 (alsharqiya) - Journalist Mohammed al-Fahad, the father of Issa, who died hours after being given a vaccine at a health center, refuted the health ministry's account, confirming the death of his son 10 hours after the vaccine. And their causes. Al-Fahd revealed during the Eastern News Harvest news of the tragic details, saying that a government hospital handed him his body in a blue bag without writing his name in the death lists. Iraqi Health Ministry spokesman Saif Bader denied that the son of journalist Mohammed al-Fahd had died as a result of overdose or corruption. Badr said in an interview with the Ahl al-Madina program on Al-Sharqiya TV that eight children received doses of the same vaccine as the child Isa, adding that a committee from the Ministry of Health was set up to investigate because of the death and the results will be announced in the coming days.


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