An initiative in Babylon: the uprising layouts produce the masks and distribute them for free

Babel-ALSHARQIYA   July 15 : The coordinations of the October Uprising in Babylon launched a popular campaign to produce and distribute the masks for free as an initiative of support from the demonstrators to the efforts of the White Army .. Participants in the initiative say that the popular movement continues and responds to the necessities of the stage and that demands for basic services do not negate the human character of the movement


The Disciplinary Committee of the Qatar Football Association issued a warning to Xavi Hernandez, coach of Al-Sadd Club, and a fine of 10,000 riyals ($ 2,739), due to non-compliance with the health protocol laid down by the federation

A report by the American "Oil Price" website stated that Iraq will have to comply 100% with the OPEC Plus agreement during the months of August and September.

French President Emmanuel Macron emphasized the urgent need for strong political measures to get Lebanon out of its crisis and lead it to reform.