An exhibition of the most famous silk scarves arrives in Dubai

Dubai-ALSHARQIYA  January 18: After New York, Milan, Paris and Singapore, the Hermes silk scarves exhibition has landed in Dubai. It will open the way for its visitors to explore the artistic ingenuity behind the execution of the most famous squares in the fashion world
This exhibition takes its visitors on an interactive journey, as it opens the way for them to listen to audio-recorded stories about these famous textures, through old phones placed all over the place. They can also learn about various methods of binding the scarf, or contribute to the creation of names for the hundreds of shades that Hermes uses to create its scarves.

The exhibition also includes manual sketches made by some of the artists who participated in the design of Hermes' scarves, including the Japanese artist Disek Nomura, who mixes home decorations, utensils and fruits.
In the central space of the exhibition, the visitor reads a huge drawing machine, which the couple Octave Mersay and Tio de Gilzi use to create charcoal drawings.
 A little further from it, and along a floor covered with silk scarves, a small ski slope appears, a café decorated with comfortable seats, and a stage for live singing with music, in addition to a shop dedicated to buying famous scarves.

This exhibition combines the fun and enchanting atmosphere that Hermes excels through its philosophy and designs. It comes to offer a unique glimpse into her unique and creative world. The exhibition is located in "Concrete, Al Serkal Avenue" in Dubai and is open for free to the public from noon until ten in the evening, until January 20.


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