An American official reduces the importance of Khamenei's threats

United States-ALSHARQIYA   February 23: A high-ranking American official played down the threats of the Iranian Leader, Ali Khamenei, to raise uranium enrichment to 60% purity, and said
That would be worrying, but Iran has yet to implement it and Washington is waiting to see if Tehran returns to the talks.
The American official, who asked not to be named, expected that the two sides would adopt stances to tighten the tone until they return to the negotiating table
The United States has offered to sit down with the Iranians alongside other signatories to the nuclear deal, in search of a possible way back to the deal abandoned by former President Donald Trump.


The Iraqi Ministry of Finance issued a clarification on the proposal of its minister

The Parliamentary Finance Committee responded to the statement of the Ministry of Finance

The Arab Parliament rejected any targeted attempts