Amnesty International publishes a tool to ensure that your phone has not been hacked by "Pegasus"

England-ALSHARQIYA  22  July  : Amnesty International on Wednesday released a tool that enables mobile phone users to detect the activities of the Pegasus spyware program and see if they have been compromised.

Amnesty International had participated in the disclosure of 50,000 phone numbers that it says were targets of spying through the Israeli Pegasus technology, and some of these numbers belong to heads of state, journalists and activists.

The “theverge” website indicated that it may require some technical skill and take some time, so you must be patient, but it also works on “IOS” operating systems better than it works on Android systems.

By connecting iPhone phones to the computer, the "Finder" feature can be used to create a "Backup" that contains all the files, photos, and programs on the phone.

During the copying process, you will have the option to create an encrypted backup, which also allows you to keep passwords and other important files. Use this feature to make an encrypted backup of all your phone files, then make another copy and place it on your desktop.

Everyone can download the safety program for Pegasus activity detection, and follow the detailed instructions on how to install it.

The device must also have the Xcode application, and the Python3 programming language, which can be installed through the Hombro program.

You can now run the Safety program, and follow the instructions in order to use it to erase the archive copy from the phone. Through the instructions, the program can be directed to search for a specific file called pegasus.stix2, and the program will give an alert if there is activity

Suspect on the phone.

It is worth noting that in the event that the program does not detect a defect, this does not mean that the phone is 100% safe from penetration, as there are cases in which hackers succeed in removing all traces of their penetration.

Forbidden Stories and Amnesty International obtained a list of 50,000 telephone numbers believed to belong to people chosen by the Israeli company's customers to monitor them since 2016. On Sunday, a group of 17 international media outlets, including the French newspapers Le Monde and The Guardian, shared them. Britain and the American Washington Post.

If the smartphone is hacked, the program allows access to messages, photos, contacts and even listen to the owner's communications.

For its part, the Israeli Defense Ministry said that it did not see the information collected by "NSO" customers. She added that Israel "agrees to export electronic products exclusively to government agencies for legal use and only for the purpose of preventing and investigating crimes and combating terrorism."


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