American message warns Iraqi politicians of bombing missions

Baghdad-Al-Sharqiya, September 24: The Political Correspondent of Al-Sharqia quoted political sources in Baghdad that all leaders in Iraq have received an unfamiliar message from the United States, the content of which is that they will deal with anyone who is silent or tolerant about harming the international coalition forces and embassies as a partner in action against missions that enjoy immunity And forces present working in coordination with the Iraqi government

The correspondent quoted the same political sources as saying that the US ambassador in Baghdad, Matthew Toller, discussed this issue with the President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Faik Zaidan, who met him in an open and unusual way last Tuesday to convey to him a message that Iraq is committed to international treaties and the protection of diplomatic missions.
And the international coalition forces that work under an agreement that is also binding on Iraq, and that the United States has gone out of the waiting and waiting period, and if the security and judicial authorities in Iraq do not move, Washington has other alternatives to ensure that this situation does not continue.


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