Amer Al-Fayez: The situation does not allow granting Abdel-Mahdi a new term

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  January 14: The independent MP, Amer al-Faiz, ruled out granting the head of the caretaker government Adel Abdul-Mahdi a new term, even if it was through a political agreement, indicating that popular anger would not allow the passage of any candidate who did not gain acceptance of the winning street. He added to Al-Sharqiya News that the blocks are currently moving To present an acceptable figure of the demonstrators, it will be announced within a week, at the latest


Peaceful protests escalated in Baghdad and a number of Iraqi governorates, with large crowds flocking to the demonstration squares.

Dozens of university and institute students in Baghdad flocked to Tahrir Square, the peaceful sit-in center

Communication sites shared pictures of the martyr student Abbas Majid in his school in Nasiriyah on his school seat in the school adorned with a phrase - the student missed to attend the country